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Fashion Show postcard


14 November 2009
8:00 pm


University of South Florida
Marshall Student Center 2100
4202 E. Fowler Ave.
Tampa, FL 33620
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Sustainability, Fanaticism, and Fashion at USF!

New designs based on student opinions

TAMPA, FL—“Sustainability, Fanaticism, and Fashion at USF!,” an upcoming fashion show, will take place November 14, 2009 at 8:00pm at the University of South Florida Marshall Student Center, room 2100A. There is no cost to attend this event. Free refreshments will be provided, and catalogs of apparel will be dispensed. This event is funded in part by a USF Graduate Student Challenge Grant.

The purpose of this event is to display a new line of apparel, which has been designed to fit the opinions expressed by USF students who took a recent survey measuring attitudes on fanaticism in relation to sustainability.

For more information, please email Ellen at emmuelle@mail.usf.edu

Research and Design Concept

The Graduate School’s Graduate Student Challenge Grant program for interdisciplinary research has provided our team of graduate students (including Robb Fladry, Elizabeth Victor, Jeffery Hinzmann, Andrew Romanar, and myself, Ellen Mueller) with funds to study the relationship between sustainability and fanaticism, or a lack thereof, among USF students. We started by creating and distributing a survey to measure USF students’ attitudes towards sustainability and fanaticism.

After collecting this data, it seemed natural to create an event that would attract a broader audience than the typical research-paper-reading crowd. The idea of a fashion show seemed ideal for showcasing our findings on these USF students’ viewpoints.

Design research included utilizing Google Image Search for words such as “sustainability,” “fanaticism,” and “America,” and researching popular college T-shirt designs in an effort to emulate the look and feel of college students’ clothing choices. After collaborating with Phil McCollam to create the designs, they are now available via Zazzle.com, a site that will print designs on-demand, which is one of the more sustainable ways of producing these items, and that features organic and American-made products.

Through the narration of this fashion show and the online product descriptions, a broad audience will be able to learn about our research findings on USF student views.

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